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The worst flare up

So I have been looking forward to today, visiting my daughter who lives three hours away. I planned the route but got a little lost so half hour added to the journey. Thank goodness for satnavs. Anyway I'm now in bed with one of the worst flare ups I've ever had. Opened my bowels 5 times which makes me worse, stomach cramps and nausea. Can't eat and extremely depressed. So upset I have ruined our day. My daughter has been great of course. Usual buscopan hasn't worked. I really am finding this hard to cope with

  1. So sorry to hear this. At least your daughter has been supportive. I know how hard dealing with this is, if it makes you feel better at least you know you aren't alone. I hope you were able to rest afterwards. How have you been doing since? -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. Once my stomach had calmed down I was able to eat again. Didn't open my bowels for a week despite good diet and lots of water. I'm now taking laxido regularly but worried I will be poorly for my holiday. There is no rhyme or reason to the flare ups which makes triggers hard to identify. All the usual low fodmap foods do the opposite and cause flare ups eg porridge, lentils. I think I need to speak to a dietitian maybe but I'm doing all the usual advice. When I'm well I'm great. Fingers crossed I don't have any more flare ups in the near future . How do others cope with nausea and pain?

      1. Hopefully you continue to improve. I have worked with a Dietician before and it was the best! I found someone who actually specialized in IBS and IBD which was such a God send. I would look into it. It's always great to have support. For me, when it comes to nausea and pain I cling to the heating pad. I also use Copaiba and Peppermint essential oil which works wonders on me. I apply them topically. And I tend to stick with liquids, lots of broth and soup until the flare subsides. Typically a day or two does the trick. -Elizabeth (team member)

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