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The Toilet Paper bill

I'm sure people have noticed the price of toilet paper has gone sky high. Women naturally use more toilet paper than men, but how about having to use the bathroom multiple times day and night? This is a small thing to complain about compared to other IBD-D complaints. But it seems like we are going through bales of expensive toilet paper awfully fast. 🙁

  1. I feel that so much. My husband likes to complain about our water bill and say that it's because of me and my IBS...
    Karina (team member)

    1. I check out Amazon, ebay etc, and when I can, find a bulk deal on my favourite toilet paper which can definitely save me money. But I agree, even so, toilet paper isn't getting any cheaper!
      Using water (warm water) or having a bidet would save on paper. I usually wipe a couple of times, then use a small pad of the paper and soak it with warm water (fortunately my toilet is right next to my bath tap!) I do that a couple of time so I'm squeaky clean, then just dry off with a few pieces dry. I have noticed I do use less paper doing that.
      But I'd say shop around for any bulk deals. I buy 45-50 rolls at a time and it works out so much cheaper than buying-as-I-go from the supermarket.
      Plus the huge cardboard boxes my order arrives in are always very useful for me for various reasons.

      1. Giant boxes of toilet paper at a good price delivered to your house! What a secure feeling 😀

        Here's another 'thing' about IBS-D. I am probably not the only one with this problem. I sleep in the buff and so does my husband. Sometimes when things are bad liquid stool leaks out and soils the sheets. So I take lengths of of toilet paper and fold it several times, then tuck this in my tail area. No more worries.

        1. I hear you. The prices have definitely gone up. I order mine from Amazon. I find that the prices in grocery stores for toilet paper are ridiculous. I would look into Amazon or maybe buying bulk from Costco or Sam's or a store similar? In addition, I purchased a bidet from Amazon. You attach it to your toilet and it is a total game changer. In using the bidet, I also use less toilet paper. -Elizabeth (team member)

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