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What kind of support do you have or wish you had to help manage IBS?

  1. I have a very understanding husband, and he has been unwavering in his support. He always does our grocery shopping, and he picks up my share of the household chores whenever I'm having a flare up. He's also the go-to guy for getting our kids to their sporting events which is really helpful because the soccer field isn't exactly IBS-friendly.

    My doctors really try to help me manage my condition, but IBS-M is tricky. How do you treat simultaneous constipation and diarrhea? I think they just don't know for sure what to do. It's trial and error, and that gets frustrating. Especially after I get my hopes up, thinking, "This time, it's going to work." But it doesn't. Sometimes it actually makes things worse.

    At work, I have a reasonable accommodations plan to help with this disability (coupled with incontinence). I also have intermittent FMLA leave to protect me from disciplinary action for taking more sick days than seems ordinary. That has been such a huge support, especially since I took a week off for pneumonia and sometimes have to take half days for doctor appointments.

    I wish I could actually find the management plan that works for me. That would be a tremendous relief. This winter, I had six consecutive weeks without a flare. It was glorious. I hadn't done anything different. Not a thing. (And I journaled it to see if I could pinpoint the difference.) But I enjoyed the reprieve while it lasted. Now I am having three or flare ups per week. Not fun.

    1. That really goes to show how truly unpredictable IBS can be, jaegar91! That's so interesting that no changes lead to six weeks of no flares. I hope you get another run like that soon!

      I'm so glad that you have such a great support system with your family and in work. That makes such a difference! I apologize if you've mentioned this previously, but have you ever tried working with a dietitian to help with symptom management? Curious about your experiences with that! Thanks as always for sharing! - Chris, Team Member

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