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Has anyone had a IBS-D flare up last for 6 weeks


I am currently in what I believe is an IBS-D flare that is still going free 6 weeks.

I have Diarrhea, bloating, excessive gas, and stomach aches and pains. It is in the morning and in the afternoon.

I am scheduled for a colonoscopy in 10 days.

I am concerned it is something more.

I have increased fiber and it has helped.

I am also experiencing some painful hemorrhoids with some bleeding after going to the bathroom 6 to 7 times in a 2 hour period.

I have anxiety with worrying tendencies.

Has anyone had a flare up to this length?


  1. Well, sort of, yes, Christa
    I have had bad flares that have steadied out into just 'uncomfortable guts' and loose stools each morning, and I do remember that situation has lasted a few weeks at times.
    Fibre is touted all over the internet as being the solution for loose or diarrhea bowel movements, but I beg to differ from personal experience. Fibre is the LAST thing that has helped my belly when it's like that!
    I found a low fibre diet helped me to steady out. It was hard to do because I am conditioned to healthy food for at least 40+ years. But I ate rather more unhealthy options (peeled boiled white potatoes, white basmati rice, white ciabatta bread toasted, fish just steamed or baked plain in tinfoil, boiled eggs, not too many veggies, (just something like a couple of leaves of Pak Choy or a few green beans, or two or three lettuce leaves well washed), no fruit, no seasonings, sauces, just salt, and plain sponge cake and plain cookies with no weird additives.) and that helped settle my tummy. Then I would feel a little better and gradually be able to introduce a few more healthy items (steamed veggies)
    Your flare-up 'safe' foods might be different to mine, I don't know. We are all so different.

    1. I am with you on the fiber thing (my diet is also heavily based on rice/potatoes). What is the deal with fiber being the be all and end all to help this??? I say, it MAY be that fiber bulks up stool but for those of us prone to intense spasms and thus diarhea, fiber is the enemy. So frustating! And the whole exercise thing.... walking may not be a big help but it's about the highest intensity my system tolerates -- on a good day!

    2. I hear you. Walking can be challenging just by itself. Just the other day I went for a walk and literally had to call my boy friend to speed down a couple of blocks, pick me up and race back home so I could explode in the washroom. But what the heck, it is what it is. It won't stop me from going for a walk again and getting fresh air. I just won't venture out too far away in case. -Elizabeth (team member)

  2. I am sorry you are experiencing this right now.

    I have had flare-ups that last a couple of months. The one I currently am in started a little after xmas and was made worse by another flare-up in May.

    I hope that the colonoscopy reveals something, but nothing too major. I wrote about my colonoscopy prep here

    I am glad to hear increasing fiber has helped you. It made me constipated which was worse for me.

    Out of curiosity, have you taken any antibiotics recently?

    Wishing you good luck

    1. Hi Christa. You and I are exactly alike in the fact that we both have IBS flares from anxiety and worrying.

      I have IBS-M, but this is IBS-D I am dealing with now. It began in February 2022 and hasn't stopped yet.

      I feel your pain from the hemorrhoids and bleeding also. "I have Diarrhea, bloating, excessive gas, and stomach aches and pains. It is in the morning and in the afternoon." - SAME!

      Dr. gave me dicyclomine 20 mg, & 2 mg of Abilify (I'm going into my change of life. lol! Abilify is for my moodiness 😉). It has helped with the diarrhea, but I still "go" 6-7 times a day! UGH!

      I hope you find out what's going on and it's not too serious.

      Keep us posted! <3

      1. As IBS D patient I experienced the same diarrhea , but got relief with Loperamide 2 mg tabs two tabs in the morning and night for few days, then only in the morning. It completely changed the situation and my fecal movement is normal now. I go only one/two times to toilet. The diarrhea was after I underwent surgery in my large intestine to correct rectal prolapse. Don't hesitate to take this pill , I am sure you will be fine. You can also try to consult your doctor or read about Loperamide on internet. Though it differs from people to people , i have read and learnt that fiber increases your fecal movement. Try to avoid worries ...May God help you.

        1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! While not everyone will have the same results, I'm so glad to hear that you were able to find relief and normalcy. That's great! Appreciate you being part of our community. Kelly, Team Member

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