Colonoscopy prep was hell

My Mom has Crohn's disease and basically had to have a colonoscopy once a year. So when I was told I had to have one to see what was going on with my intestines and do a biopsy to see what disease I have, I called up my mom.

She told me the basics and I thought I was ready for what was in store for me.

I wasn't warned

I had a pillow (that was tossed in the trash after) to rest my back against. I had a book to read and things on my phone to occupy myself. I hadn't had solid food in 2 days prior to it to help make things nice and easy.

The hell part for me is the part I wasn't warned about. How much urinating is done. I have a sensitive bladder from my endometriosis and so I was having to pee every half hour to an hour. Well, eventually things became very irritated and going pee was agony. It got to the point that the pain was so bad that I couldn't pee despite badly needing to. I was crying in pain and frustration. My husband suggested that I climb into the shower and have hot water run on my body in hopes that it would help. Sure enough, it did and I was able to finally let my bladder empty. This was about 5 or 6hrs into colonoscopy prep.

The next morning I called my mom angry, asking her why she never warned me about urination issues. She said that she didn't consider it all. *exhales frustration*

Now, whenever I hear that someone is having a colonoscopy for the first time, I warn them about urination issues/pain that may occur.

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