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Post-Covid IBS. Does anyone have it?

I am interested to know if anyone here developed IBS symptoms, or were diagnosed with IBS since a Covid-19 infection. Especially if they had never had IBS before.

I had some kind of strange illness which may have been a virus...I wasn't Spring 2018, and it wouldn't go away. In the 4th week I got IBS symptoms, but only for a few days. Then that absolutely disappeared. My digestion was fine.

But I started with IBS symptoms again just before I got Covid infection early April 2020. I am not sure, but think they were one and the same, even though the gut problems started just before the Covid hit.
Oddly, during the worst of Covid (first week or two) my gut was fine! Even in the few weeks of recovery I didn't have IBS problems, but they started about 4-6 weeks after I recovered.
I often wonder if my IBS might be a form of "Long Covid." I don't honestly know, but I still hope it may heal one day.

Does anyone else have a story to tell re: IBS and Covid?

  1. This is a great question. I hope others from the community will chime in. I thankfully have not had Covid, and of course hope not to get it. But I feel like unfortunately from what I have been seeing in the community, that gut issues tend to act up during infection and after. Of course, everyone reacts differently, but I have been seeing comments on it a lot. I hope you are feeling well today. Thanks for reaching out. Hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

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