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Peppermint tea

This is helping my IBS a lot , anyone else take it ?

  1. I've tried it one day and thought maybe this is what I needed all along but unfortunately my ibs returned shortly so it was determined just by chance I felt better for whatever reason, I'm not sure what form of ibs you're combating. Mine is primarily constipation with alot of gas and burning/cramping.

    1. Mines is mostly constipation but I get bouts of the other too, feeling of fullness and light headedness , and pain now and again, but the peppermint tea calms it and calms my migraines too , obvs it doesn't cure it

      1. I don't take peppermint tea but I use peppermint essential oil almost daily. It is the best thing to help with my symptoms. Absolutely love it. Peppermint is excellent for helping with an digestion problems. -Elizabeth (team member)

        1. How do you go about utilizing the pepperment oil I assume you're putting it in a liquid before consumption?

          1. I've found this forum where Elizabeth shares how she uses it in the comments: as well as this article that explains another method: This site also explains different methods: From what I've seen, it seems that it can be taken internally in the form of capsules or used topically. I hope this helps, Karina (team member)

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