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Pain and IBS

Does anyone else get pain a short time after a bowel movement that can last for a long time ?

  1. Thanks for reaching out. I hope our community chimes in to share their personal experiences with you. Be sure to speak with your doctor about any new, changing or concerning symptoms, if you haven't already. In addition to speaking with your doctor, this article may be helpful: Wishing you some relief ahead. Best, Kelly, Team Member

    1. Not sure how long exactly you are referring to but I can sometimes experience pain after a b.m that lasts an hour or two. Usually, for me, that means that more is to come.

      1. Hi Rosie- I have been searching months to find more info on pain following a BM. I have not officially been diagnosed with IBS but had ongoing digestive issues. 6 years ago my GP prescribed IBS relief medication and low fodmap diet (i did not follow, medication did not help). I am fine all day until I have a BM - late afternoon, 10 to 20 mins after BM stomach cramp and bloating starts - nothing on days have no BM. I am not sure this is IBS as symptoms say relief FOLLOWING BM - my pains follow BM! Am so pleased to find someone who has the same symptom - how do you achieve relief when this pain starts?

        1. I have some level of pain almost all day seems easier overnight .After a BM this pain increases a lot usually about 30/60 mins after the BM .This then can last at this increased pain level the rest of the day or longer.
          So fed up of it my movements can sometimes be totally normal but still the pain
          I occasionally get bouts of diarrhea .The pain is very low along the top of the pubic bone and is a horrible ache that’s worse on standing
          What’s your pain like ? And we’re about is it if you don’t mind me asking ?
          Got CT scans next week do see what they find if anything.
          Just want my life back

      2. I sometimes have pain after a BM. It can feel sore in my abdominal to the point I even lay down. In addition to IBS however, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease so I chalk it up to that in my personal case. -Elizabeth (team member)

        1. yes mine is more left sided at times but then I have the arthritic hip on the left .My pain runs across the top of the pubic bone like a dull ache which is worse on standing about

        2. Are you able to do light stretching? Perhaps that can help with the hip and in turn help with the pain? Just a thought. -Elizabeth (team member)

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