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New and worried


I'm new here and dont have any diagnosis as of yet. I'm male and 49. I've looked online but dont seem to get any answers. I've read ibs symptoms but still no wiser really.

My main symptom is pain. However, my pain is at least an inch or 2 above the belly button, probably halfway between my sternum and belly button. Its pretty much central or sometimes a little to the right under my rib. I've had it a few weeks constantly now but it's been intermittent for months.

The pain feels gnarly, and paracetamol doesn't help much.

My question to you guys who suffer from ibs Is it possible for the pains to be that high up and still be ibs or would it be a stomach issue. I've looked at anatomy pics to see where the transverse colon is, but they all differ some show it on belly button, some show really high up.

Pain is worse when I'm laid down trying to sleep and hurts more if I rest my hand on my abdomen.

I had an endoscopy 10 months ago as I was having swallowing issues. This came back normal although I do worry if they missed something. I also take ppi so I doubt its anything like an ulcer.

I do get diarrhea / Very soft stools most days but I'm very regular once per day. No mucus. I do suffer from anxiety and currently take 10mg amitriptyline which I've taken for 10 years so not new. I've not changed my diet which consists of bran flakes in a morning, sandwich for lunch and a normal tea. I'm not gluten intolerant. It doesn't get any worse or any better with food or s bm.

Could it still be ibs where the pain is only in the upper abdominals?

  1. Hi ,

    I'm glad you reached out. I'm sorry you are dealing with this pain. I would make an appointment with the gastroenterologist and perhaps ask to do a pill cam test or colonoscopy. Thankfully you said the endoscopy showed nothing so I would push for further testing to get to the bottom of it.

    Of course I am no doctor, but it could very well be IBS or perhaps something else entirely different. But my advice really is to advocate for yourself for further testing. An endoscopy only shows the upper tract, push for testing to show the large and small intestine.

    Good luck! Don't hesitate to reach out, we are always here to offer support. I hope you feel better soon and get some sort of diagnosis.

    Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Thanks for replying Elizabeth.

      I still cant decide if the pain is my stomach or colon. The pain is definitely worse lying down and when I rest something on my stomach.

      Ive actually had a colonoscopy but it was 5 years ago. I was getting a low side pain on my left side. They found diverticulitis. The pain seemed to clear itself as I ensure I have plenty of fibre with my bran flakes each morning which does the trick.

      But this pain is much worse and higher up. It's high above my belly button so I think it's more stomach related.

      I've actually had 3 endoscopy's over the last 4 years. 1st was 4 years ago, 2nd was 2.5 years ago and the last one was 9 months ago.
      But I've never had pains as bad as this. This is gnarly and deep like someone is twisting my stomach.
      I guess I'm worried they have missed something serious 9 months ago. Does that ever happen?
      I've read something such as stomach cancer takes years to develop so I would hope that even if the last endoscopy missed something, the endoscopy I also had 2.5 years ago would have picked something up as it was very in depth and pics were taken.

    2. I am awake every night with the twisting pain in my stomach and butterfly feeling. Had a ton of test..i guess I listened to a podcast and they mention visual pain like nerve pain hypersensitivity.

  2. I too have same symptoms..but no appetite. Lost 20lbs..i have pain under right rib sore to touch as well. I have become afraid to eat certain wits end .doctors just say anxiety is making worse depression.

    1. Make sure you mention the pain under your rib to the doctor!
      I find that dealing with IBS symptoms REALLY depresses me. It's like an endless cycle with no end. Sometimes doctors are too quick to say "it's just anxiety and depression"... that's what they told me about ten years ago and put me on a TON of psychiatric drugs... which I am still on to this day

      1. I did and went to ER..nothing there..its hypersensitivity..i am eating bland food and under weight..nervous about anoyher attack..I.will be under weight again..trying to think.positive..on Prilosec..hoping it makes a difference.

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