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Migraine and ibs

My migraine triggers my IBS , and another time its my IBS triggers my migraine anyone else have this roundabout , as ide love to find out if its like the chicken and the egg carry on, I've cut so many foods out ile soon be eating fresh air only, sorry so down at mo x

  1. Oh, my heart goes out to you. Sorry you are dealing with this. I haven't personally experienced this before but I feel like it can be both? Either can trigger the other. For example I know when I get sick with other symptoms it triggers my IBS. And if my IBS is acting up it can trigger other symptoms. It definitely may not be food related but also could be food. Do you keep a food journal? If not, it can really help you correlate symptoms and see if there is a food trigger. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. hi yes I have a diary and there's a good lot that triggers them both , I'm 64 and it's not stabilising this past few weeks, but I'm getting there

    2. Keeping a journal is super smart. Glad you have seen correlations. If it doesn't improve definitely let your doctor know. I also like seeing a Naturopathic Medical Doctor in a addition to my conventional docs. I actually find that the NMD offers me better care and really gets to the root cause of things. Perhaps there is one in your area? -Elizabeth (team member)

  2. Yes, I have the same problem! My doctor says there is a link between the brain and the gut, so they can affect each other a lot.

    1. Great point. There is a gut mind connection that is very important to be aware of. Thank you for reminding us. -Elizabeth (team member)

    2. For sure! I had experienced really bad stomach aches as a kid, only to then experience head migraine years later. My doctor was very clear to my mother at the time that the two are more than related! Wishing you a gentle and symptom-free day ~ Sawyer ( team)

  3. I'm not sure I'm in Glasgow Scotland ile have a look tho

    1. Yes it is worth a shot. -Elizabeth (team member)

  4. Five years ago I got really mysteriously unwell all of a sudden. There were weird symptoms, tremors, a really creepy mental-emotional feeling, shakiness, nausea, a slight twinging pain over one eye, eye redness, weakness, hot flushes (way past menopause), broken sleep, weakness in legs suddenly which went after a couple of minutes, odd 'tics' in my face, and neck/jaw area, trembling in my tongue, and I was seeing light displays sometimes.
    This was all new and horrible and never let up. I honestly thought I was dying.
    In the 4th week I had an upset gut but it only lasted a few days and went.
    I saw the doctor who took blood tests (normal) physical examinations all normal..
    Fast forward 10 months later I got a referral to a neurologist and had a head CT scan. All normal The neurologist said he thought it might be migraine "Likely Migraine" was my diagnosis.
    I never really ever got headaches with it. Just the odd head twinges.
    Two years later I got full blown IBS just as the other symptoms had been starting to go away.
    Now...right now, I am dizzy when I bend my neck, the head twinges are around, feel shaky, mind won't work (can't focus on any nice feeling at all) and my guts have flared up again. suddenly today. They had been quite steady lately. Same diet that's usually OK for me.
    I too feel a bit lost in all this and have no idea what's going on or what to do. I don't want to be drugged as I sense migraine meds won't help me. Tryptans and stuff. Plus my IBS has made me super-sensitive to EVERYTHING pharma.
    Homeopathy was helping a LOT, but today nothing is helping.

    1. may I please ask how you take the cbd oil ?,

    2. Of course you can. It comes in a small bottle with a dropper. I take 1.5/2ml twice a day. Morning and before I go to bed. -Elizabeth (team member)

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