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Medications; SIBO; IBS-D

My Dr recently prescribed Xifaxan for treatment of my IBS-D, which has been ongoing since August 2021 due to use of antibiotic Doxycycline. IBS symptoms come and go, but mostly stay. Due to the cost of Xifaxan ($350 with insurance), he is switching me to Flagyl. Has anyone had luck with using Flagyl for the reduction of frequent BM's, bloating, cramping, etc. I am currently using Dicyclomine to treat these symptoms but am hoping that a treatment of Flagyl will give me a more sustained period of relief.
Also, has anyone had luck with reducing the amount of sugar intake.
Sugar seems to be a recurring theme in treatment for IBS-D and SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth), which is prevalent in IBS-D patients.

  1. In my personal journey I have used all of these and non gave me relief. Only slightly in the beginning. I eventually went to a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and basically changed my diet and lowered stress and that's when I saw results. I had SIBO and was given supplements to kill off the bad bacteria. I also went about a month straight with zero sugar. I felt amazing. I now eat very well. Lots of fish, chicken, turkey and occasionally red meat. I really don't have a lot of sugar which is very helpful. Lots of water. And I juice celery every morning. I stay away from fried foods, and lots of processed foods. For me, this was the only way to control these symptoms. I hope this helps some. Best, Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Tampa was one of the places I actually visited, along with Orlando. Back in 96, long time ago…nice memories though.

    2. That's nice you were able to visit. You probably wouldn't recognize it today, both cities have grown exponentially. Glad you were able to enjoy the area though. Stay well, Elizabeth (team member)

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