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maybe dysbiosis?

Hello everyone, I suffer from what is called "IBS-D" since I was 16, now I'm 23. I am from Italy so I apologize if my English is not perfect.
For the first doctors I visited, without much testing, they simply told me to be more relaxed and that it was all a stressor. I made a journey with a psychologist whom I must say helped me to better manage emotions and negative things in life. Yet the further I go, the more my symptoms continue to worsen, they continue to take parts of my life. Two weeks ago, on the verge of patience, I request an appointment with a very good gastroenterologist. After listening to my story and after an intestinal ultrasound, what was seen was a huge amount of gas in the part of the intestine before the colon and nothing else. Stomach tissues were not thickened (usually a symptom of chronic irritation). He therefore strongly suspected a fermentative dysbiosis and sent me to take tests that I will receive in a few days. What I'm wondering is if I have suffered from severe dysbiosis for all these years (and for many others who suffer from IBS). Actually I have never eaten vegetables and fruit in my life, while instead tons of wheat products. What if my symptoms disappear after healing from dysbiosis? Do you have similar experiences?

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