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Maybe a cure

I'm 60 years old in good shape workout and eat healthy. I was diagnosed three years ago with ibs c. Some days were good others awful. I used laxatives on my bad days but never really felt empty. However I started researching this complaint compulsively and OMG I think I've found a natural cure. It is. Aloe Juice. I take 4oz in the morning and 4oz at night. No more problems. I'm back to normal. What a miracle. I urge everyone to try this wonderful cure. I'm so thrilled I want to tell the whole world. I've been on it now two weeks. No more problems. Please try this. It'll change your life

  1. - Wow, this is awesome! Really glad to hear that you're not having any issues. Since treatments options vary from person to person, we'd encourage folks to check in with their doctors before trying anything new. Again, glad to hear you're doing well! - Chris, Team

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