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Is this really IBS

Hello everyone,
I am new here and hoping to get some answer to my question. So all this started after I had my 1st Astral zeneca vaccine shot. I had fever and stomach upset for around 3 days. After that I felt fine. And within another 12-15 days suddenly one evening I felt as if I had a muscle pull in my stomach and felt muscle pull type pain in and around my belly button. After that moment my whole life changed. I used to be very healthy with no physical ailments at all. I am 40 so I keep getting my lipid profile done every year they always turn up normal. After that moment it's been 3 months now and I am in constant discomfort and pain (very weird kind of pain. Not like stomach upset or normal abdominal pain. It feels like my abdominal wall muscles are being pulled. Specially when I am walking it is the worst. With every step I take I feel a muscle pull kind of pain all around my abdomin. Even long drives give me such pain n discomfort. Also feel my back hurts when am back from a long drive. Even a walk in a mall increases my pain n discomfort. I am also suffering from constipation and bloating since that day when it all started. I went to consult my Gastroenterologist and went through all blood tests, Ultrasound, stool calprotectin test etc. Everything came normal. The doctor said I have IBS. He prescribed Rifagut for 15 days and I had that too. Now I am having Actapro in the morning, probiotic and laxative everyday but I have no relief at all. Just that laxative make me go once in a day. I am suffering with this weird pain 24x7. Even pushing a table increase my abdominal discomfort. Is this really IBS or something else? I have an 8 year old daughter to look after so things are really tough for me. My life has become hell and I feel so depressed because I can't see a way out.
At times I feel all this happened because of the vaccine shot I took.

Sorry for such a long post. Can anyone tell me is this actually IBS because in 3 months the pain didn't go away even for a minute. I have read that IBS come and go but mine just never left me.

  1. Hi
    This sounds so familiar
    I contracted covid back in May
    And for the past four months I’ve had this same kind of pain
    Did all the tests and everything came back as you said negative
    My doctor said it’s IBS
    Put me on the low FODMAP diet but the pain never leaves
    Some days it’s less than others but there’s never a day when its just not there
    I feel the same way
    I’m looking for answers and coming up blank
    But know you are not alone
    Keep faith
    Have courage

    1. So sorry to hear that you are also suffering so much. Can relate with you totally. Even I am on the low FODMAP diet but just like you it's not doing much for me as well. I think the only difference is you have it after you recovered from Covid and I got it after my Astra Zeneca Covid vaccine shot. I really wish you find relief soon. More power to you. Please let me know if at all you find some solution to this. Thank you for your reply. Stay blessed.

  2. Hi I am also new in this group, I was diagnosed with IBS after I had my gall bladder removed, I suffered tremendous pain and discomfort for long, my gall bladder was pretty bad, has your doctor checked you for perhaps a gall bladder issue?, your pain sounds a lot like what I was feeling. Wishing you the best. God Bless

    1. Hi.. Yes, all tests done. Everything seems to be fine. Do you still suffer from such pain? Thanks for your response. Stay blessed.

  3. I was diagnosed with IBS before my covid vaccination. After both doses I had IBS -C flare up. I think Covid vaccination could potentially trigger/cause IBS. My IBS was triggered/caused by Naproxen. Before that I never had any digestion problems.

    I was prescribed Naproxen after shoulder injury. It gave me diarrhea right away. I went to the doc and was told either to take Naproxen or to get cortisone shots in the shoulder. I chose to continue with Naproxen treatment despite having diarrhea. I was never the same after. I started having IBS-D symptoms even after I stopped taking Naproxen. Diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain. That was the beginning of my IBS journey. Finally,

    1. I wanted to share this article about the importance of hope with you:
      I completely understand how you feel. Although my symptoms were different, I used to feel like I would never be okay again after several doctors dismissed me by saying that it was "just IBS" and I had to deal with it. I had to figure out everything on my own, but I did get better. We're always here to support you. Hugs, Karina (team member)

    2. Thanks a bunch for all your kind words and for sharing such an amazing article. Love and hugs!

  4. Hello Kelly,
    I learned to live with IBS. Last year was a very good year for me. I finally got IBS diagnosis. My GI doctor explained what to do when I have a flare up. I eliminated some trigger foods from my diet, went lactose free, quit coffee. In 2020 I had only one flare up and I was able to eat almost normal.
    This year it’s been really hard for me. I had multiple flare ups. I lost count how many I had this year. My IBS shifted from D to C. And I had to learn how to deal with bloating, cramps, abdominal pain and not being able to go #2. I think it’s my pollen allergies that triggered most of my flare ups this year. I started having them at the beginning of allergy season. I had the worst allergy season so far, had to take antihistamine every day from April until beginning of September. It was so bad I started having cross allergies. I decided to do immunotherapy for my allergies to prepare for the next allergy season. I hope it will also help me managing IBS symptoms next year.

    1. yes, I have dry and itchy skin and often get eczema flare up as well. And also yes to post nasal drip.

    2. Hi Luba, you may find that the reason you changed from D to C was because of the antihistamine you were taking. Antihistamine is constipating!

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