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Is this ibs??

For several months now I have had stomach pains and pain all over the abdomen. I just turned 21 and it started. The pain is relieved with a bowel movement. I have a few bowel movements a day. Some times diarrhea and other times just loose stools. No blood. It started in April with a burning stomach and then the burn left and it started in the abdomen. Also had lots of gas on some days
It's all comes and goes. Sometimes it will last for weeks at a time. Then It will leave and act like everything normal. I have see my us in stool a couple times. But not much.
I have been suffering with health anxiety for a few months also. Like so bad that I catch my self stepping on the scale everyday to make sure I'm not loosing weight. I haven't lost any in 5 months.
Does this sound like IBS?

  1. Hi ,
    I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. While your symptoms may be related to IBS, it's important to make sure that something else isn't causing them. Have you seen your doctor about this already? If not, I would suggest doing that and having them perform all the necessary tests to rule out other conditions first.
    Since the testing can take a bit of time, you could also start experimenting with the Low FODMAP diet (here's an article about it: in the meantime and also keep a food diary to see if you can identify what triggers the symptoms. Anxiety can definitely be a trigger as well.
    I hope you'll get answers very soon. Wishing you quick relief, Karina (team member)

    1. Also it mostly flares up when I think about it.

    2. Of course, that's your decision to make. Since you've been suffering for several months now, I would just keep in mind that a visit to the doctor might actually give you a clear answer as well as a treatment, since not all digestive issues are due to chronic conditions and many can be cured. Just as an example, I once avoided going to the doctor for a month when my IBS suddenly got really bad (or so I thought). Turns out it was due to a bacterial infection that was gone after a very short antibiotic treatment. Of course, it isn't fun to have tests done, but it might be worth it to have definitive answers.
      Sending positive thoughts, Karina (team member)

  2. Hi Skyler, man that’s being 21 and having this, I feel for you. It sounds like exactly what I’m going through at the moment. This last flare up started in May this year (21) and has been constant since with periods of days or weeks with normal motions and feeling not to bad. Then it will start, cramping pain in the upper stomach then a need to go which results in diarrhea. After that my upper stomach area is very uncomfortable with related pain, also some nausea. At times I will have a normal motion then have to go back to the toilet and have a loose motion often finishing in diarrhea.
    As I said, you certainly sound like you have IBS, but as someone else said on here, it would be worth going to the doctor just to rule out other things. I went to the doctor many years ago when I first started to get IBS just to relive my mind of worrying if I had something more serious. The doctor was able to put my mind at ease through a blood test and stool sample.
    Hang in there! 🙏

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