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How do I introduce FODMAP into my diet?

Hi I am 18 years old and I have never been diagnosed with IBS but have shown IBS symptoms since I was a child so I am pretty sure I do have IBS. I want to get my symptoms under control and am wondering how do I slowly introduce FODMAPs into my diet? Because my stomachaches are directly linked to the foods that I eat I have the tendency to skip meals or eat a couple bites and then call it quits. I also tend to not try new foods and since I am surrounded by asian cuisine (specifically Vietnamese), so there aren't many recipes that catch my eye. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get myself to eat some FODMAP food without avoiding them?

  1. Hello ,

    It all seems a little confusing, doesn' it? I suppose the first thing I would suggest is to see a doctor, if you haven't already, to get a little guidance and perhaps a proper IBS diagnosis to rule out anything else. Otherwise, to answer your question, I am including an article posted by our Editorial Team a while back explaining the Low Fodmap diet for IBS management. Give it a read and know that we are here to answer whatever questions you and have and to provide support. This is an awesome community for those with IBS. IBS can be tricky to get under control but with some research and work, you will feel better within due time. Thank you for your question and I hope you are having a good day. -Todd, Team

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