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Been diagnosed several times with JBS and i keep hearing I don't fit into a box...nothing ever seems to be easy or straightforward with any medical issues I have.

I have a colon who hates me. Every single day I have pain left lower area around where descending colon starts. It is hard to explain but it's like the nerves in my whole abdomen are involved. Everywhere I press in from under boobs down feels like nerve pain. I know nerve pain from my neuropathy.

The pain in lower left is horrible and the distention all throughout my abdomen is really affecting my quality of life. It is significant! I can not help but think the nerves are exacerbating everything.

I actually told GI doc I wanted an abdominal transplant lol. I wish I could give him exactly what I'm going through just for 1/2 hour. Maybe then he could find a way to help me.

Anyone???? Been told or feel the abdominal nerves are haywire?
Thank you

  1. I identify with this. I described the sensations to my GP as having electrodes running an electrical current into my colon. She said she'd never heard IBS symptoms described this way. Cant offer any solutions but have worked on meditations and breathing techniques (like 4, 7, 😎 focused on relaxing the tension held in my torso which helps to get to sleep. If the sleep is then good I find the symptoms much reduced. The Insight Timer app has lots of resources.

    1. Thank you for sharing what has worked for you. I love breathing techniques, they help me tremendously. I have never heard of The Insight Timer app, I will look into it. I hope you are feeling well today and having minimal symptoms. Best, Elizabeth (team member)

  2. I am so sorry you are going through this . That sounds so awful. I haven't had the nerve pain you are describing however I used to deal with lower left pain all the time as that is the location where I have my issues. The pain for me just felt like normal pain, throbbing and soreness. I'm wondering if you have ever had a colonoscopy? It could further check that area and the doctor can even take a biopsy perhaps to further investigate? -Elizabeth (team member)

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