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IBS or something else

I am having a flare up of my IBS but I'm beginning to think it is something else. I talked to my diabetic dietitian and she recommended I try a gastroparesis diet instead of low fodmap.
I think at this point I need to have an endoscopy and also need my hiatal hernia checked.
Has anyone had any issues at all?

  1. - Thanks for posting here! How have you been feeling lately? Have you started the recommended diet yet? - Chris, Team

    1. Hello Chris! I have been feeling about the same. I go for a stomach emptying test test next week to see if I have gastroparesis. So hopefully get some kind of answers. As far as a diet not much of anything. I just try to eat what is not going to upset stomach ex: broth pudding eggs. Cross your fingers its something serious.

      Thank you for checking


  2. Hello Chris. Just a follow up. I did a gastric emptying test today and my dr. Called with the results. I have gastroparesis along with the IBS. So now I have to talk with my dietitian to see exactly what kind of diet to be on and he is also putting me on Reglan.
    Scared and very upset to how to deal with all of this. If you have any advice I would love to hear it.

    1. , Thanks for updating us on how you are doing and the results of your test. You mentioned above that you were trying a gastroparesis diet as recommended by your dietitian. Did that help bring you some symptom relief at all? In addition to speaking with your doctor and Dietitian, this article may be helpful: You may find our sister site at helpful as you navigate this. Wishing you some relief ahead now that you have a diagnosis. Best, Kelly, Team Member

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