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IBS flare up for months!

Hi all

I been in a flare up since November with my ibs. It all came on suddenly.
Normally my bloating comes and goes but it doesn’t seem to be going away.

I went to see a gastroenterologist who referred me for a ultrasound which was fine. So now I am working with a dietician on a simplified version of the low FODMAP diet.

I did attempt the low FODMAP diet back in august but I failed to finish the re introductory phase thoroughly as life got in the way.
I am also awaiting a sibo test.

I’m bit confused as to what have caused this but I have a idea that maybe my new job is causing stress on my body. I work long hours standing up with not enough breaks . I work in a warehouse.
Has anyone ever done this type of work that have had IBS who think it could be that.
It just seems that my flare up started when I started this job.
Any advice would be great

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