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IBS flare up duration

Can IBS last for a long period of time ? I've had what may be it for over a week now. I have pain mainly in my left hand side of my abdomen and under my rib cage and flatulence. It came on quote suddenly. I'm very anxious about how long it's going on.

  1. i have been having same for about over a month, i feel you! I also started getting left pelvic pain and lower left quadrant cramps since last week. triggered by stress and anxiety i suppose. Back pain is too much too.

    1. I am sorry to hear that you are also in a flare for a long time. It sucks, eh!
      I hate it when I get pelvic pain and bad cramps from the IBS, usually for me its caused by gas.

      It sucks how stress and anxiety can quickly bring on a flare, even if you don't experience those feelings for too long.

      Do you have a heating pad to help with your back pain?

  2. Yes, flares can last for a little while sometimes. What happens with me is I get something like 2 days genuine 'flare-up' when guts are a real mess indeed, then it calms down, but followed by a period (a few days to sometimes a couple of weeks or more) when my gut is okay...ish but not great, with ups and downs and feeling a bit sensitive.
    The only thing I can do to hopefully ease it is to really watch what I eat, and eat my real safe foods, not even think of stepping outside that or experimenting at all with anything which might have caused irritation in the past (that can be healthy food like steamed celery or brown rice or something), plus do my best to get enough sleep.
    It does usually calm down in my own case but I'm never sure if it's my strategies, or just the unpredictable nature of IBS itself that brings about any change. But at least the diet strictness helps to manage symptoms.

    1. I've had flare-ups last a couple of months. The one I am currently in started a little after a major fight on Xmas even and before I could recover, another one started from a major fight early in May.

      I know it is easier said than done, but try to not be anxious about it. Unfortunately, or fortunately, what you are going through is kinda normal for those who suffer with IBS.

      I hope you get relief soon
      Me as a bitmoji on a dinosaur sending good vibes

      1. How would you describe lower left quad pain. I have that all the time once ibs flares up. I describe mine like a Charlie horse cramp. Like something is stuck there. And if Bowel movement it sets it off even worse.

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