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IBS draining my mental health

For the last few weeks (post surgery where im immobile) I've been getting digestion issues related to and causing anxiety. It's got to the point where every urge to go or every trip to the toilet causes anxiety which stops things moving normally. I can go normally then feel the need to go again but lots of straining and only small amounts. I don't want to destroy my health but I feel so alone and embarrassed. I'm even nervous about taking any medication or prunes etc. that affects anything.

  1. Have you ever tried a probiotic? That helps me a ton. It's totally natural. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. That's really uncomfortable and unpleasant for you. and I'm sorry. I hope things will get easier . Perhaps they will, as you slowly recover from your suregry and hopefully will be able to be more mobile? It's possibly the lack of exercise that is affecting your gut.

      I can understand why you are a bit wary of taking anything or eating prunes. You wouldn't want to go too far the other way.

      Personally, I have found brown rice to be helpful. I can only eat that when not in an actual flare up (I have IBS-D) But I have had good quite healthy bowel movements when I eat it, and its effect seems mild but healthy. Not a dramatic effect as if I'd eaten prunes or anything! I use organic brown basmati and cook it for about 30-35 minutes.

      1. Hi. Thanks for the replies. I did start having a few prunes and seemed to help for a bit, and my anxiety calmed down a lot. Today I seem back in that anxious state. I think I had a lot of food yesterday and it probably impacted on my stomach. My anxiety is the problem probably more than the IBS. An intolerance of bodily sensations like rectal pressure. Feeling urgency to go and strain rather than relax and let things happen naturally. I don't really know why I've become so anxious about it. I'm tired and exhausted by constantly googling and reassurance seeking.

        1. You are not alone here. SO often IBS and anxiety go hand in hand. Have you found any strategies that help you manage the anxiety? In addition to speaking with your doctor, this article may be helpful: Wishing you some relief ahead. Best, Kelly, Team Member

      2. Hi, yes it's definitely caused and drives my anxiety recently. I am working on staying calm and seeing some improvement. Most importantly I'm trying to go easy on myself and not seeing it as a weakness or something to feel bad about myself.

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