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IBS C and D / Dealing with Pain

I am new here but not to spastic colon/ibs. I am male and over sixty and have had ibs since my mid 20's. Bowel movements go between two extremes. Over the last 5 years or so it has gotten worse and have begin having constant sometimes almost unbearable pain in my stomach and adominal area. I've gotten to the point to where I am almost afraid to eat. I am on anxiety meds, antidespresants, and omeprazole for acid reflux. Despite going to two doctors neither seem to know how to treat the pain. Does anyone else have these similar problems. I am also diabetic which further complicates what I can eat. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciates

  1. I have heard that Omeprazole can make IBS pain worse. I am not sure if your doctor would understand, as so many don't fully understand IBS, but it might be worth asking him or her about this?

    1. I had a flare-up that lasted 3 weeks. Was told I had left sided colitis along with an infection. Took Slippery Elm 2x a day along with antibodtic and pain subsided. Heat helps too increasing blood flow and relaxes muscles. Feel better

      1. Hi, colitis isn't IBS so your comment doesn't apply here. However I'm glad you're feeling better.

    2. hi, a couple of suggestions. 1) poorly controlled DM can mess up the automatic/autonomic nervous system 2) a recent study with isphaghula improved reflux by reducing bowel transit time. It won't cause diarrhoea but may make you go even more often.

      1. Yes. I have.pain with both IBS-C and IBS-D.. it has changed my quality of life. I only has the IBS-D in the beginning which was horrendous. Then a couple of year ago the IBS-C jumped right in . It is very painful .

        1. I'm so sorry you're dealing with both. Are you able to treat one or the other when you're flaring? Karina (team member)

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