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IBS-D ibuprofen makes BETTER???

I always laughed at my friends/family when they complain about constipation because I can count only 3 times in my whole life I've ever had that problem. Honestly, I can only count maybe 5 times in the last year (12 months!) that I had an even quasi solid BM. I've had IBS-D for 15 yrs and official diagnosis and all. Tried all the anti-spasmodic meds, they don't work. Tried Lexapro for anxiety, barely did anything to my anxiety and upped the BM to 12 per day, so quit that after 5 months. Did food elimination diet to the Nth degree, found a lot more of food sensitivities. I tried every over-the-counter thing available, half did nothing, half made it worse. I lowered my stress to nearly nothing because I couldn't keep a job due to my IBS-D anyway, my husband agreed to have me be the domestic goddess. I take Loperamide when flare ups get to above 5 BMs a day. My diet is INSANELY restrictive but I eat carefully and get enough that my nutrition stays good when I'm not having a flare up. And I take Metamucil fiber supplement 1 tsp 2x/day (more than that just made things worse).
But to this day, I can't seem to have a solid BM. My energy levels are always subpar. I never eat out or eat other ppl's food because it's just not worth the possibility of a flare up for days. I still can't work. I still have chronic diarrhea. And let's face it, doctors are useless, as are all homeopathic doctors.
One thing I have noticed is during my period (sorry tmi) which I call Shark Week (look up image "uterus vs shark brain" and you'll see why) I take Ibuprofen for cramps, and strangely it always seems to make my IBS BETTER?!?! Now, everything I read says ibuprofen makes IBS worse, not better! Any ideas??? Has anyone had this happen?

  1. So sorry you are going through this. That is very frustrating not to be able to have a solid bowel movement for so long. I'm sure you must have tried this already, but have you tried probiotics? That helped me tremendously. As far as my IBS improving during my cycle, I was the opposite. I always struggled immensely during my period with IBS and even would flare. This is definitely peculiar. Are you able to see a Naturopathic Medical Doctor? They are great with helping things like this. I saw one and it was the best thing I did for myself. Just sharing what worked for me. I hope you are feeling okay today. Hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

    1. yes, i have seen several naturopaths and none of them helped. I have tried probiotics and it helps my stomach a little for about a week then nothing, does not seem to help the BM situation at all unfortunately.

    2. Ugh, sorry to hear this. I wish there was something more I could suggest. Are you on a diet to help? -Elizabeth (team member)

  2. I used to rely on Ibuprofen too when I had periods. But I didn't have IBS back then. (I am in my late 60s now) So often I have pains that I want to take ibuprofen for because I know it would help the pain, but I don't, because I'm scared it will upset my gut badly. So I just soldier on and hope the pain goes away (back pain mostly I'm talking about.) or I use some heat rub instead.

    But I wonder if feeling better with ibuprofen might be because you have some low level inflammation, and it's an anti inflammatory as well as painkiller?
    Have you ever had a calprotectin test done? (stool test) That can show if there's inflammation going on.

    1. yes, lots of stool tests done, none showing anything useful unfortunately.

  3. It seems you have tried just about everything. How about mindful meditation focusing on the breath only. It's done wonders for a lot of people. I am 84 yrs old and have had IBS-D for about 6 yrs now and it took some time for me to get somewhat in control through FODMAP pre/probiotics, pysllium and meditation daily. My issue now is a toileting/cleansing issue when away from home. At home I have a bidet which is wonderful. If I am out I'm always worried about smell because I can't get totally clean. Now stressing on a 1 week reunion out of state with a lot of outdoor stuff. Any suggestions?

    1. Apologies for the delayed reply! Thanks for sharing and reaching out. I'd suggest looking into a portable bidet. They sell them for around $15 and it's a squeezable plastic bottle with an extended nozzle on the end. This might be a good option for you when traveling. I'd encourage you to bring some "safe" foods along and to communicate with those who will be doing the shopping for your reunion, about some foods that are safe for you to enjoy.

      Here's an article with some great travel tips that may be helpful to you: Wishing you the best and a great trip. Kelly, Team Member

  4. I would be very careful with taking ibuprofen only because it’s supposed to not be good for those with gut issues per my gastroenterologist I was told to take Tylenol simply because it causes inflammation

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