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IBS D has ruined my life

I grew up with a violent alcoholic who beat my mum near death many times - my mum has mental health issues stemming from childhood. Sadly my parents gave me anxiety thinking you’d find your mum dead and watching your drunk father beat her daily kind of damages you. So here I am aged 48 my ibs d started 6 months pregnant with my eldest who I had 8 years fertility treatment including a miscarriage = more anxiety. Then my father in law died and my nan when I was 6 months pregnant there my anxiety manifested itself to my stomach and travelling. I have over. The years not been able to travel as ibs I am restricted ted for work and chosen relationships that have not been good for me as I didn’t think anyone decent would put up with my restricted life of IBS.
I have had many ibs accidents as not being able to use a toilet and I don’t travel with anyone anywhere. Last year my now husband and I went 69 miles by train on holiday on the way back my ibs d flared up so blandly in a packed uk train bank holiday August and I needed to use the loo 6 times in 20 minutes so great my ibs keeps giving.

I have had years it simply vanished ? When I was 3 months pregnant with my second daughter it went for 5 years until I was 3 monyhas pregmant with my youngest child ? Although with my youngest I did find out her dad was cheating on me for a year so I suppose that triggered it again. I have been through a lot . Late pregnancy loss to sepsis - intensive care - 11 blood transfusions in 3 months all in 2015 and stepdaughters mother drink and drug problems the last 5 years have caused my ibs to make my life hard. I need to go out the house to work self employment at home isn’t doing great and I am so anxious as to how I will go to work
We are having a house built and the lady who sold it is causing problems as she wants the land back and is taking us to court how will I even get to court let alone be in there ? IBS rules my life and I really am drained from it ruling my life. I’ve had CBT THERAPY COUNSELLING HYPNOTHERAPY HOSPITAL APPOINTMENTS DIET EXERCISE NOT EATING ETC Nothing helps

  1. Hi, lawman48 - I'm so sorry to hear how much you've been through. I can't imagine how difficult these numerous trials and tribulations have been. We certainly appreciate the fact that you're willing to be so open here with the community. I hope you know that you're not alone in the feeling that IBS rules your life. We've heard so much feedback from the folks here that have said shared similar feelings.

    I know you mention that you've tried diet, but I wonder if you have looked into trying the low-FODMAP diet. If you haven't, I wanted to share this article with you to give you more background information: I hope this helps. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. - Chris, Team Member

    1. I feel you. nothing helps me either. I thought eating a healthy vegan diet and exercise would help a lot but it does nothing, I been trying lot of herbal stuff but doesn't help. I am dying

      1. It is definitely life changing…aggravating and can be humiliating. It robs us from living life at times.
        I pretty much have isolated myself from life aside from daily stuff I.e. shopping etc.
        I no longer go out with friends….my children/grandchildren live 3 hours away which puts a damper on my visits.
        It really is awful.
        I am glad to have found this site because it is hard for anyone to understand unless they are going through this issue.
        Some people see it as an excuse for me to not go somewhere etc….but, it really is not. I feel like a hostage ….ugh

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