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Mine started in 2019 . Started with coffee I would have my coffee every morning like any other . Started to go right through me . Certain foods my favorite fish and chips same thing right through me . So now I stay away from fried foods, sodas, coffee, Milk, red meat . I can go on .
Lost 15 pounds since 2019 .
I have talked to my doctor she ordered a colonoscopy which came back fine ,ultrasound of all my Organs the only thing wrong was a fatty liver . I truly believe my liver is a part of my IBS .
So all they say is lose more weight . Throughout all this my anxiety is horrible. Scared to eat, when I do my anxiety is worse.

  1. Hang in there. Things will get better. I've had IBS-D since my teenage years and am now 57. Anxiety and flare ups will come and go. I try to eat bland foods and practice relaxation techniques when I'm having flare ups. There is a lot of good info out there on practicing mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety. It doesn't always work right away but it sometimes can help.
    This website is also a great place for information and support.
    I wish there was a specific thing that would make my IBS go away and I wish yours and everyone that suffers from this could find permanent relief.
    All we can do is find out what works best for each of us and take it day by day. Try not to focus on upcoming events but just the hour and minute that you're in. I know that's easier said than done. I still struggle with doing that. I've actually been having flare up issues for the past several weeks because of upcoming events and trips.
    Just remember it's always a work in progress. You will find what works for you and will find times that you will feel great for weeks and months at a time, so rest assure there will be better times ahead.
    Hang in there.

    1. Hi, IBS won't cause a fatty liver. Lifestyle can. Do you need to lose more weight?

      1. This article says that there are no studies so far that can link a fatty liver to IBS.
        But personally I wonder if any part of the GI system is working harder than usual, it is bound to put some stress on the other parts?

        I guess there are degrees of fatty liver. It's very common, Most people as they grow older do have a bit of fat on the liver, but they don't know and it doesn't give them any GI distress or any symptoms.

        It is reversible, I think, to some degree or another, anyway.

        I hear you about those favourite foods you suddenly couldn't eat. That happened to me too. It was coming on gradually. One "funny tummy" every few months. But suddenly overnight in early 2020 ibs started! I ate a really healthy diet and loved lentil stews, garlic and onions, lots of veggies, fruits of all kinds, avocado salads...etc. I suddenly coudn't eat them and had to navigate my way through diet changes, even including foods I would have shunned before as being "unhealthy options" !
        The Low Fodmap diet helped to some extent. Maybe 50%? But I still had to work out my own personal food triggers, and which foods I was fine on. I did manage to find a pretty good balanced diet for myself even if it is more restricted than it used to be. I take a vitamin/mineral supplement also every day.

        Oh, and I found some chips I could eat!! My supermarket here in the UK does frozen chips with nothing added. They contain only potato, and a small amount of sunflower oil. They are oven-bake and really nice. I was amazed I could eat chips again!

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