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IBS and wiping

Hello! ...Lately I've been dealing with going to the bathroom and never being fully clean no matter how much I wipe, and it honestly frustrates and embarrasses me because I don't want to be in the bathroom for longer than I have to. I've tried wetting the toilet paper before wiping and it's still not enough, and I cannot flush any flushable wipes down my toilet. My family gets annoyed with me if I use too much paper but I can't seem to clean up effectively after going to the bathroom. Any advice on this?

  1. I hear you. I got a bidet and found it to be the best solution. You can purchase off amazon. You attach to the toilet and it's good to go. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. I use baby wipes! Get them pretty cheap at Walmart or so. I just get the kind you throw away

      1. I use so much tissue and wipes every time I go. I use the flushable kind from Walmart but there’s still times I have to use a wash cloth also.The first thing I stocked up on during the Covid pandemic was tissue and wipes and I still do,most people stock up on food but not me it’s tissue and wipes,isn’t that sad!!!! Just something we have to live with.

        1. I always have a little bag with me, which contains wet wipes, small plastic bag and cream for my butt.

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