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IBS and scar tissue on bowel

Hi everyone..I'm new to the forum. I've suffered with IBS for years but luckily had a relatively ok journey with it until few months ago. I had extensive pelvic surgery for endometriosis in the past and it has come back to affect me badly in recent months. My bowel goes into such spasm and feels like so many nerves are trapped. Consultant says I have rigid bowel from scar tissue.. anyone else have experience like me and any hope out there that it will settle?

  1. Welcome to our community. I hope that we can be a source of helpful info and support. In addition to speaking with your doctor and any feedback you receive here from our community, this article may be helpful to you: Wishing you some relief ahead. Best, Kelly, Team Member

    1. My GI doc says I have this problem. I have had some help with Dicyclomine 3x/day. In the first couple days I felt pins and needles leaving my intestines. It was not a cure but I have taken this for about 2 months and hope it will continue to help. I also take lomotil. I have been braver and able to eat a little fiber since on Dicyclomine.

      1. Thanks for your reply and advice. I've been feeling that there's no one else out there with the same condition ! Have you ever been on hrt. Was prescribed it but feel it's making symptoms worse and hoping further endometriosis hasn't been stimulated to re grow

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