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How to stop the feeling!

I have had a terrible day today, so far had 11 bowel movements (ranging from big to tiny) and still feel the urge, as well as having an incredibly sore bottom. How do others stop the urge to keep "trying to go?" I'm scared if I don't try I will end up constipated.

  1. There is this thing called "Gaming Bladder". (I have also recently learned that this also applies to operating room staff and they call it "O.R Bladder".)

    With gaming bladder, you are playing a video game that has you so focused, you don't sense that your bladder wants you to pee. For operating room staff, it's being so focused on the surgery that you don't feel the urge to pee.

    This is something that I have found works for both distracting me from needing to pee or poop. It also helps distract me from some of the pain I am experiencing.

    I have heard from other people that there are other activities that can be like that, where the person is so focused on painting that they don't notice the urges or some pain.

    I believe, as long as you are having some bowel movements in a day, like say you are only having 5 instead of 11, you should be able to avoid getting constipated. I can't say for sure because everyone's body is different.

    1. I followed your advice and really focused on getting some gardening done this afternoon and the focus/distraction did help. Had to power through at certain points though but overall I'd say it helped. I also need to urinate frequently as well which, aside from being caused by the volume of water I intake, is also closely connected to having Ibs-d. I empathise with your need to work from home too. I don't but fortunately am on leave this week. If I were to have an episode like this whilst at work it would be awful and the thought of that stresses me out which then makes things worse! One big viscous circle! Glad to have found this forum today, even though I am in the UK and believe it is US based. Thank you

      1. "I am ok, I am not in danger" also sounds like a great tip, thank you 😊
        I return to work Tuesday and must admit I am beginning to stress about whether or not my flare up will be gone by then.
        It has continued today and, on top of the anal fissure I already have for which I am awaiting surgery, the numerous toilet trips yesterday and today have also resulted in an external haemorrhoid 😩 I am in so much pain. Makes me scared to eat because I want to stop my body producing stool but I know that's not how it works and also that it's unhealthy to do so.
        Coping with multiple illnesses must be incredibly debilitating, my heart goes out to you.

      2. I have a large fissure that opens up every two months or so. I apparently have a very dry bum crack. I started using baby wipes to help bring moisture and for a more gentle wipe.

        I hope by the time you return to work, your IBS will be more calm🤞🏻

        Yes, the multiple diseases I have are quite debilitating. I was fired back in 2013 because of it, even though in Canada, it's illegal to fire someone for being disabled. I was way too sick back then to fight it. I was in the middle of a nasty flare-up my work ended up causing. Went from over-working me to part time when I asked for my days off to be different to allow me to recover better. It wouldn't have had me working less hours. I was no longer able to afford my meds so I entered a nasty flare-up.

    2. If I have the urge I always go, I don't think holding it in is ever a good idea. However, to help with the urgency, for me the only thing that fixed it was diet change and taking probiotics. It took some time but I found that when I stopped having wheat and dairy my gut felt so much better and the urgency really let up. So sorry you are dealing with this. I hope it improves soon. Hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

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