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How do I help my IBS before a job interview?

I have IBS C and D. Past 3 days it’s been C but I had a normal movement today (thank goodness). But I have a job interview tomorrow around noon. I’m terrified that my IBS will ruin it. Normally I would take some Imodium and hope for the best but I think I’ve built such a tolerance to it. I’m debating on if I shouldn’t eat anything tomorrow morning to see if that helps?

  1. Hi, ttss89 - thanks so much for asking this question! I really hope that normal BM carries into today! Some folks have found that not eating can help, but others tend to stick to foods that they know are safe. Do you have any safe foods you could eat? Good luck!! Let us know how it went! - Chris, IrritableBowelSyndrome Team Member

    1. I went through this a year ago, and I have IBS-M. I ate really small meals the day before the interview and fasted from immediately after dinner until the interview was over. I had diarrhea all morning from the stress but chose not to take Imodium because it creates a vicious cycle of constipation and diarrhea for me. (I would have taken it 20 minutes before the interview if I really needed it, though.) All morning I prepped for the possible interview questions and practiced the 10-minute presentation I had to give. I didn't want to wear Depends, so I doubled my underwear--just in case--and had an emergency kit in my car with another pair of pants. I left home really early so I could get there with time to spare even if I had to make bathroom stops along the way. Knowing I had the worst-case scenario covered really decreased my stress. Enough that I had no problems, aced the interview (after one or two nervous blunders), and got the job. Good luck to you!

      1. Have you tried peppermint tablets? They help me with gas and indigestion.

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