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Do you often experience heartburn in addition to your IBS?

While IBS and heartburn (AKA acid reflux or GERD) are two separate gastrointestinal conditions, they can sometimes coexist or share similar symptoms. If you experience heartburn in addition to your IBS, we have some questions for you!

How does IBS/heartburn impact your daily life?

Do you notice any triggers that tend to worsen your IBS/heartburn symptoms?

How do you typically manage or cope with your symptoms?

What, if any, lifestyle changes have you incorporated to help alleviate your symptoms?

  1. Usually comes on about an hour or so after eating -- feels like my food has got stuck in a lump somewhere in my digestive system before entering my stomach .It is there at bedtime which stops me finding a comfortable position
    Triggers no have tried chewing my food more but doesnt work,not eating works but has disatrous effects ! Sometimes just taking my routine medication sets it off
    Take an indigestion tab like Rennies to relieve Heartburn

    1. That sounds really tough, I'm so sorry. Have you tried only eating a little bit so it doesn't have those bad effects but doesn't cause as much heartburn? We have lots of community members who find that decreasing portion sizes helps with their symptoms.
      Karina (team member)

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