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Flare up and work

Hello, just wondering if anyone has had to call off work because of a flare up, and gone to get a doctor's note to excuse it. I'm having a bad one this morning but am afraid of missing more work.

  1. When I had a corporate job, I went to the doctor a couple of times because of bad flares. However, I never mentioned that it was IBS and just described my symptoms, so that they usually thought it was a stomach bug.
    Is there any way you could work remotely? I yes, you could also say that you're not feeling well enough to come in to work but you could manage to work from home. I know that not all jobs can be done remotely though. 🙁 Karina (team member)

    1. Just checking in, how did your day end up going? I know that many workplaces are understanding and find this sort of situation fit for an accomodation. I hope things went smoothly and you were able to work something out! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Wishing you a gentle and symptom-free day ~ Sawyer (team member)

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