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Flare up?

Hi, could I have some advice please? I'm really worried.
On the 30th January I had my usual flare up due to drinking too much coffee etc, I was very constipated.
I started to feel better at the weekend but this week I have had an awful stabbing pain in my lower left abdomen along with explosive diarrhoea and feeling sick when I try to eat. This has lasted 7 days so far...
I have seen my GP and she has given me 2 poo samples to do. One is a FIT and the other IBD.
Is this normal? Does anyone else have these symptoms? It mainly comes on morning and night.
I'm imagining all sorts!

  1. I've had similar symptoms before and they've been due viruses or infections. One time I had a bacterial infection that lasted for a month until I took antibiotics. More recently, I had similar symptoms for around two weeks and it must have been a virus because it went away on its own.

    Each time, I was so worried that it might be something else, too... It's definitely best to get this checked!

    Have you done the 2 stool samples yet? I do hope they give you some answers and that you'll start feeling better soon.
    Sending positive thoughts, Karina (team member)

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