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What are your strategies for finding a toilet?

What strategies do you have if you find that you need to go the toilet when you are out and about and you find that they are all closed?

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    If the bathrooms are all closed, you find yourself with a bit of a problem, don't you 😀. I personally have not ever experience ALL of the bathrooms being closed so I don't have any tricks. As far as advice and tips, well, I would suggest having a bag of 'clean up' supplies and fresh clothes. There are many articles about the 'emergency bag' on the site. Otherwise, make a list of all the restaurants and open access establishments in the area you will going to be as prepared as possible. You can't control the situation if EVERYTHING is closed. Hopefully, that won't happen too often. Thank you for your question, remember we are always here for support and I hope that you are well today. -Todd, Team

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