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Does anyone else wake in the night needing to burp?

Often in the night I wake up with indigestion, like there's a huge bubble in my stomach. Sometimes a burp relieves it when I sit up or rub my upper stomach or chest. But not always, so I have to get up and take antacids, because lying with a stomach full of air can be so uncomfortable and painful.
After a big burp or two I am able to lay down comfortably again.

Does anyone else get this in the night? I think it's just part of the digestion process and I just naturally wake in the night with wind that hasn't gone down and needs to come up.

  1. This has happened to me before. What helped me was not eating right before bed. Having at least 2-3 hours of not eating before I sleep. Also being mindful of what I have for my last meal. I found that wheat, tomato sauce and too many carbs ended me in having a night where I wake up with indigestion. Everyone is different but I thought I would share. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Not needing to burp per se, but I have definitely had nights when I've wakened to a burning sensation and tasted vomit in the back of my throat. Taking an antacid and elevating my head allowed me to go back to sleep. I do have acid reflux disease and take Prilosec every morning, and that controls my symptoms as long as I stay away from triggers. But if I eat too late, I can still wake up with acid in my throat as I described. It hasn't happened in ages since I prevent it by not eating after dinner. -Kim, moderator

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