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Dieting to lose weight and IBS

Has anyone experienced a worsening of their IBS while trying to lose weight? Every time I try, it flares up. I’m doing Noom and WW together. Last time I used the LoseIt app. I don’t believe it’s the foods. I do get hungry. But my stomach cramps and I end up eventually with diarrhea. Weird. I need to lose so I don’t want to quit. Thanks.

  1. I'm so sorry that you struggle with this! Personally, I have never been able to follow a weight loss diet because they all upset my IBS-D. Any "healthy" diet seems to contain far too many vegetables, fruits, and not enough carbs for my digestive system. The only thing that has ever worked for me was intermittent fasting, which actually improved my IBS symptoms as well. Have you tried that before?
    Here are a couple of articles about dieting with IBS:

    Hope this helps! - Karina ( Team Member)

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