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Cannot lie down, must sleep sitting up

I'm 28 and it's been 8 years that I cannot lie down when I sleep. I have to sleep sitting in upright position. Whenever I lie down I feel like the food is moving, I get stomach ache and if I don't change to sitting position I will have pain for 1-2 days with diarrhea. Due to this I cannot properly sleep at night. Everything else is 100% fine with me but it only happens when I lie down! There are NO days where this doesn't happen. It happens every single day for these 8 past years.
This has changed my life to a nightmare and I avoid so many things in life including trips and girlfriends. I've seen 10+ gastroenterologists and all of them either did not know what my issue is, or diagnosed IBS.
I've searched through hundreds of websites on the internet and never found anyone suffering from the same condition. Even people with the worst IBS don't describe the same thing I describe.
Therefore this CANNOT be IBS!

I've done the following checks/treatments:
- Negative celiac disease
- Negative lactose intolerance
- Negative Helicobacter Pylori
- Dicycloverine
- Mebeverine Hydrochloride
- Esomeprazole
- Omeprazole
- FODMAP diet
- Digesetive enzymes
- Mint oil capsules
- Activated charcoal + simethicone
- Natural treatments - ginger, fennel seeds, sage, etc.
- Sports (gym)
- Soluble fiber
- Probiotics
- Prebiotics
- Calcium ./ vitamin D
- Magnesium
- Ultrasound (twice)
- Various blood tests (including ASCA ANCA and testosterone)
- Gastroscopy
- Colonoscopy
- Calprotectin test (stool)
- Duloxetine (antidepressant)
- Amitriptyline (antidepressant)
- Escitalopram (antidepressant)
- CT
- X-ray (stomach, esophagus, duodenum)
- Medical hypnosis
- Psychologist

My only hope is google now...

  1. I don't know if you have had a test done to check out the motility of your stomach. What you describe reminds me of gastrointestinal hypomotility.

    Another option for you to think about is getting a medical genetic test done. Not ones like Ancestry, but ones done through hospitals. This may give you the answers you are looking for.

    1. These are really good suggestions, actually I will be taking 2 more tests soon:
      - Esophageal manometry
      - Gastric emptying mapping (Not sure of the exact name in English)

      I believe the latter could confirm or rule out hypomotility. I'm holding fingers.
      Any idea what kind of genetic test/s can be done??

    2. Yes, I think that Gastric emptying mapping will help with figuring out if it's hypomotility or not.

      As for the genetic test, here is one that I am going to do. It checks for everything. It costs money but it will get me the answers I need.

      You can look to see if there is a hospital that offers the same kind of testing that, depending on where you live, may be fully covered.

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