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C diff positive, symptoms don't match

First the question and then you can read the background if you so choose:

Has anyone had/is is possible to have a chronic infection with c diff and present with mild, "controllable" diarrhea/chronic loose stools for like three years? This symptom is accompanied by more bothersome symptoms of pain, extreme bloating, unpassable trapped gas and the feeling of fullness/need to belch.

I am a 40 year old woman and have had what I called IBS since I was about 21, though there were long spaces between flares and I could manage by eating easy to digest foods for a awhile and be fine, but three years ago after going through a catastrophic life event and the accompanying stress it became severe and ongoing, getting worse and worse until the good days are few and far between.

I finally broke down and went to a gastro doctor. She did a stool test (twice) and both were positive for c diff. In the meantime (though delays with the incompetent office) she prescribed rifaxamin for sibo even though the test machine was broken so I wasn't actually tested, but symptoms matched. Once the second stool test came back positive (the first she though was a mistake) I was put on vancomycin. I just finished that 2 days ago and feel no different.

I was scheduled for a egd + colonoscopy for the same time, but they were so scared of the c diff, (which I have read a sizable portion of the population has and is asymptomatic anyway,) that they postponed the colonoscopy. The egd was normal. They did biopsies for celiac, but not h pylori. After suggesting I might have h pylori, due to the chronic need to belch, they did not test stool or stomach lining.

I had my iron levels tested and am anemic.

Thanks for reading.

  1. Thanks for sharing and reaching out. C-diff can certainly mimic some symptoms of IBS, making it difficult to distinguish between them. Be sure to speak with your doctor about any new, changing or concerning symptoms and keep pressing for answers. In addition to speaking with your doctor, this article may be helpful: Wishing you some answers and relief very soon. Best, Kelly, Team member

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