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Belching and gas

Hi everyone,

Has anyone come across symptoms of constant belching?? Everyday, all day, always needing to burp. A lot of the time I can't get it out, it just builds in my stomach and I will have to walk around or breathe it up to get it out with great difficulty. I can burp as frequent as every 2-5 minutes. I will wake up in the night still needing to relieve this gas.

I have had the usual ibs symptoms for the last 5 years and after switching to a low fodmap diet that portion has improved. But then 2 years ago the belching started out of the blue.

I've had an endoscopy/colonoscopy, tested for h-pylori, celiac. Have tried bile reducing medication and probiotics. I've done a breath test, blood tests..

No one seems to know why and its very disruptive of my day to day life. Very uncomfortable. Its come to the point where doctors write it off as anxiety driven. Has anyone heard of this or know why it's happening?

Appreciate the help.

  1. I am so sorry you are experiencing that. Has any one looked into the way you eat & drink fluids? Example: Eating too fast & using straws can increase your gas.

    1. Hi Ray!
      No I haven't looked into that part. I've definitely tried to eat slower. But even when I haven't eaten for a while I still get this burping. Its so odd!

      1. Hmm, I'm not sure what that could be. I'm wondering maybe if you should get tested for SIBO? But that is more small intestine and it seems like you feel that gas in your stomach? Maybe it has something to do with the amount of acid you are producing in your stomach? Of course, I am just throwing out thoughts here as I am not a doctor. Have you tried reaching out to a Functional Medical Doctor? I feel like when conventional doctors don't seem to know what's going on, it's good to get a fresh eyes on your case. I hope you get relief soon! Big hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

        1. Thank you Shannon!

        2. Hey Elizabeth, what would be a Functional Medical Doctor? When I looked it up it gave me Naturopaths. Is that what they are?

      2. I have the same problem. My belching and nausea then diarrhea and then anxiety.

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