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Bad night

Shooting pain at 1am and no sleep since as just waiting for the next one. Loads of trapped wind that hurts as it moves about.

  1. I have bad gas pain at times too. I think anxiety gets worse at night and causes it. I try to meditate and calm down. It can help sometimes. Hope you feel better.

    1. Hi Marlie

      Thank you for your reply.

      Yeah awful pain that shoots across my belly.
      I normally get up for an hour and move around to try
      to get some relief. That's very true about anxiety as
      I find myself worried about going to bed.
      Had two good nights recently by skipping coffee and
      avoiding milk which I used to drink a lot.
      Hope you are doing well.

      1. I am the same with my anxiety I have suffered with it for years but my stomach aches and constant wind make me more anxious, it’s a vicious cycle to be in , I am so fed up and lethargic with it , do you get tired with it, take care x

    2. Have you tried the clinically proven low FODMAP elimination/re-introduction diet has been shown to reduce symptoms in the majority of IBS suffers?

      1. Hi Selfsimilar

        The website looks very informative - definitely bookmarked.

        Many thanks for the link.


        Marlie - have you seen this?

    3. I am the same waking up with the pain and have bad anxiety, the trapped wind is so painful I hope we all get over this thinking of you all

      1. Hi - yeah some nights I get right through till morning, other nights 1-2am 🙁 Last night was a good one - 4am. Take care and talk when you feel like it

      2. Thank you for replying I am in so much pain today and very anxious

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