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How do you manage abdominal cramps?

Hi all and a happy new to everyone. I'd like some advice please. When you have a particularly painful flare up how do you manage the bad cramps. I have recently had a nasty flare up and took buscopan but wondered would paracetamol also help to alleviate the pain.TIA.

  1. Buscopan never did anything for me, and I've never tried Paracetamol. For me personally, a heating pad was a must and helps tremendously. If you don't have one definitely purchase online and use a hot water bottle for the mean time. CBD oil is super helpful as well with pain. I also use Copaiba essential oil rubbed topically on my abdomen and that helps me so much as well. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for your prompt reply. I'm going through a bit of a flare up at the moment and to be honest buscopan didn't do much for me but I did find paracetamol helped me. I use a hot water bottle wrapped in a cloth and find that helps too.. I guess I'll just have to ride it out, this being my third day, hopefully not too long lasting. I'm keeping myself hydrated and for the next few days will follow the brat diet.. Thank you again.

      1. You are so welcome. Try soups and broths. That would help me too. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope it passes swiftly. Sending strength your way, Elizabeth (team member)

    2. Thanks again. Unfortunately soups and broths, particularly when I have a flare up , just promotes further diarrhea, so for now I will follow the brat diet until it passes. Thank you for your concern. I will say I had a fabulous Christmas and New year, eating lots but staying away from too much sugar and greens. Xx

      1. Elizabeth Alvarez

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