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Welcome to the site. I hope that you will find the support and/or information that you are looking for. It sounds like you are a bit of a rough time right now. I hope that it passes quickly and you start to feel better. We are here for support should you need it. -Todd, Team

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It sounds like you have a challenging experience in front of you. You are not alone with the fear of traveling with IBS. Please don’t worry, everything will work out. I am including an article about traveling with IBS. If you search the site you will find lots of great articles about this topic. I wish you well and please let us know how…

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I’m really glad you have found some benefit and relief with meditation. It may not be for everyone, but I don’t know where I would be without it, personally. The ‘trigger game’ is a difficult one that I think we all struggle with, but you sound like you are doing quite well with it. We all lose sometimes…and who doesn’t have…

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I just got home from a great dinner with a friend from EU….IBS/ D. I Want to scream. I’m traveling for thanksgiving and full of anxiety as we are eating at my daughters future In laws. Then we are traveling to EU for holidays. So worried. I haven’t traveling in years due to IBS. Anxiety about how I will cope

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I used to be plagued with the stress roller coaster way more than the trigger food. It used to get to a point that even the thought of leaving my house in the mornings, for work, would stress me out, and my guts would start their tango while I’d put on my shoes.

My boss then gave me a book on anxiety, which made a ton of difference. I also made…

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2018 had weeks of cramps. Dr suggested a pill but I didn’t like name. Finally in desperation in April started pill.3 days later no cramps!! Pill is Endep. Really worked for me. Now trying to cope with extreme bloating in a stressful environment

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I live in a G7 city that seems to be trying to assert itself as a Third World nation without plumbing. People in my neighborhood often use shrubs across the street from my house b/c there are no public toilets. Too expensive, says the city, which is among the highest tax jurisdictions anywhere! I wish advocates of green space would include…

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I am not a simple solution person at all. But it’s been a couple of months now and raw honey a tsp in the am plus one Immodium seems to be working for me. I would never have believed it but I seem to be living proof. I bet if your guts stabilized your mindset would, too. I find I am seized by fear and dread whenever I venture beyond a place where…

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While I live in the U.S. and do not know the system of confidentiality in Canada, I will say that if you authorize the sharing of medical records from one doctor to the other, the records will be shared in their entirety, just as they would be if you requested them for yourself. I remember the first time I read my therapist’s notes…