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A Day In the Life…

Hey IBS community! In this video, I bring all of you into a day in my life. I pretty much share what a “decent” day is like for me as an IBS sufferer, but I also show the struggles I deal with when I am trying to be productive. I appreciate you for watching and please comment below if you can relate to this video.

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  • Roni
    2 years ago

    Thank you Hess for sharing this video. I think for me the worst part of IBS-D is the nausea and bloating. I do have pain but not like so many others. I wake several hours before I would need to if I was “normal” I have to be on my job at 6 am and it is so so hard get out of the house on time every single day. I am late A LOT. This in turn causes so much anxiety daily. I went GF 3 years ago and it has helped some but I still find that going to the BR multiple times every freaking day the most un-nerving thing, then drive 45 min to work in a panic worried and thinking…..what if I need to go again 🙁 Thank you for posting some helpful content for us IBS sufferers. It is appreciated!

  • HessP moderator author
    2 years ago

    You’re very welcome, Roni! I thought it was important to give some kind of example of what us IBS sufferers go through, so I’m glad you were able to relate. And your story is not uncommon at all. It’s a struggle trying to function in “normal” life when you have to live with a chronic condition. While research and progress are still being made, we have to continue to do our best at managing our health, and continue to raise and spread awareness by sharing our stories with others. We’re always here for you, Roni, and we’re wishing you tons of strength and positivity. Thank you for sharing!

    Hess ( Team)

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