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General Discussion

Anxiety and IBS

  • By elesha1979

    New member here, and I’d like some input. I saw a GI in July, and he did bloodwork and a stool sample. Both of those were ok—so he gave me some meds and probiotics. After a few weeks, diet changes, and being on the meds, I was doing much better when I went to my follow up appointment. So, he just suggested to follow that treatment. Well, my diarrhea has been pared up for a couple of weeks now, and my anxiety is through the roof because of it. All I think about is my bathroom habits. The diarrhea only comes after meals. Do you guys think I should go back for a colonoscopy? Is my anxiety likely to blame for this flare up?

  • By Chris Hall Keymaster

    Hi, @elesha1979. Welcome to the site! We’re glad you’re here. I really wish that your GI’s suggested regimen would’ve continued to help! Anxiety can definitely be a big factor in some folks’ IBS flares and symptoms. While can’t provide any medical advice (for your safety), I thought I’d share an article with you that gives some tips about managing anxiety and overthinking: I hope this is helpful! – Chris, Team