Symptoms of IBS: Excessive Gas Or Flatulence

Gassiness or flatulence is a gastrointestinal symptom of IBS.1 Gas was considered to be the symptom most often experienced by diarrhea-predominant IBS sufferers.2 However, constipation-predominant IBS sufferers may also complain of gassiness.3

Gassiness may show up as gas pains that bring on abdominal discomfort. Gas pains may be experienced on average about one day per week.3

Among constipation-predominant IBS sufferers, gas pains were considered to be a very or extremely bothersome abdominal symptom.3

Some studies have shown that probiotics were effective at reducing flatulence. Probiotics included Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, and Bifidobacterium.1

Written by: Truc Thanh | Last reviewed: June 2016.
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