Update for my support system

I have an amazing support system on here and a lot has happened so I thought I would do a quick update.

Last Tuesday, the scope of my salivary ducts went well. There was a bit of narrowing on each side so they were able to naturally stretch it a bit without having to use stints. (Stints would have been the surgery part of things) I had the biopsy done to test for Sjogren's Syndrome, which was done on the inside of my lip on the left side. As a result, I've been on a liquid diet since then. The general anesthesia they gave me has given me liquid BMs but thankfully they are decreasing in frequency. I'm hoping that in a couple more days I will be able to return to solid foods. They forgot to tell me the aftercare for the biopsy site so it ended up getting quite painful. Thankfully, two days ago I came across the information and the pain has already started to decrease. I'm lucky I didn't get an infection as it's in my mouth.

I miss solid foods so much!!!!

A loud pop

2 days after that, after spending 20mins on the throne, both my feet were massively asleep. I stood up and there was a horrible loud painful pop from my left foot. I cried out and sat back down on the toilet seat. I had almost rolled my ankle and something was definitely out of place. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get in to see my physiotherapist until Monday. My husband was able to massage it really well on Friday night and I was able to get most of it back in place. Then yesterday, the physiotherapist got the rest of it back in. Oh the joys of sitting on a toilet for too long. ?

On the 26th I go up to the hospital to have my heart monitored for 7 days. Most likely will be done via Holter monitor but I don't know for sure. When I had one for 48hrs, I had welts where the sensors were so I am not looking forward to 7 days.

On the 30th I get the biopsy results. That day will also be 17 days until my 35th birthday.

Hoping for a normal return

I saw my GP 2wks ago about the infection going on under my breasts. I had thought it was the sweat causing a yeast infection. Then I had a pimple on the underside of my breast pop while out walking. Within 20mins I was getting the reaction that looked like a yeast infection. My GP thinks it's a bacterial infection so based on the new info so I'm on a round of antibiotics. YAY!? Just kidding about the yay. It's the kind where I need to be careful in the sun so I don't get a nasty sunburn.

Hubby and I attended our first Pride parade at our city's first-ever Pride parade on Saturday. Such an amazing turnout of a couple hundred. We marched up at the front cause it seemed like if there was going to be any trouble, it would happen there and my hubby could help. (He's a big strong guy and can have a very intimidating sounding voice if he wants)

Hoping for a return to my normal IBS stuff very soon.

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