Seeking Help

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well and had an excellent new year. I want to have second opinion as I am already seeing a medical specialist in Gastroenterology.

  • My problem - bloating (last 5years mostly left side), incomplete evacuation(but I poop daily), abdominal pain
  • Current prescription - 13g of MOVICOL
  • Diet - Gluten free, Lactose free (I use AMUL lactose free milk, which has very less quantity of lactose)
  • About me - 23 years old, Male, India (Asia), regularly does exercises and meditation

Searching for answers

From past 5 years I have been suffering from abdominal pain and discomfort and always had a feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation. In October 2020, I was tested TTGA positive (Gluten Intolerant) and had been on gluten free, lactose free diet. I had great relief with MOVICOL which I recently started using after 2 months of antibiotics - Rifaximin which didn't helped much (less pain but bloated) so my (Ques-1) question is if this laxative is safe. Also I had my endoscopy where there was very little inflammation to which doctor said that can be ignored. Every other blood report was normal, I had CT scan also (NORMAL).

He also prescribed me antidepressant which I have not taken yet fearing I will get hooked, (Ques-2) anyone else here who had positive results using antidepressants.

I will be trying low FODMAP from this week, as I was having trouble finding dietitian who can help me this.

(Ques-3) What are other alternatives or laxative (natural or synthetic). I have already tried Psyllium (16months) which worked well for initial months but later had extreme bloating problems so I stopped using that.

I completely understand that we are not professionals here and I would not hold anyone accountable for their opinion if it works against me. I just want to know if someone resonates with me and what helped him or her.

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