IBS is Ruining My Life!

I was finally diagnosed with IBS at age 15. After several emergency room visits and doctors appointments. IBS has ruined my life since day one from the pain of either not being able to go or from just feeling like I was gonna explode.

Never knowing

I missed a lot of school from the embarrassment of constantly having to use the rest room or ending up in the nurses office from all the stabbing pain. It is always like one minute I’m fine full of energy and have a full day planned to next minute. I’m afraid to leave the bathroom because it hurt so much to the point I’d end up throwing up from dehydration or constipation.

Social life

Even with a diagnosis of IBS I still struggle with all of the same things now 20 years old working. It’s just I hate not knowing what my stomach has planned because it just changes my mood in a snap of a finger. I’m even afraid to have a social life because one minute I'm fine and next I’m not which makes me cancel plans last minute which I don’t know how to explain without embarrassment.

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