New to IBS at 65 years old

I had my gallbladder removed last year in December and within 2 months lost 8kg and as I am small build only weighed 48kg anyway. To cut a long story short I had masses of tests to rule out anything like cancer. MRI scans, CT Scans with dye injected, endoscopy, colonoscopy, blood tests, 24 hr urine test. I was also suffering daily with terrible dizzy spells which would make me confused and sometimes affect my eye sight and balance. Driving or going out alone was a big no no. No nausea though. But i couldn't even walk straight when i had an attack.

IBS and epilepsy

My weight did not improve and I was bloating and having terrible nights of pain in my stomach, upper and lower and in my back with soft stools every morning. My mother died of pancreatic cancer and I was worried I may have the same. However, after 5 months of tests with a gastroenterologist and neurologist i was diagnosed with IBS C and also IBS D, and a mild form of epilepsy without the fits. I am slowly learning what food and drinks trigger the IBS. Its stressful and a long process.

What I would like to know is this, is the IBS and mild epilepsy connected? I am on a low dose of pills for the epilepsy and can go a few weeks without a dizzy spell but if I have an attack of IBS C i seem to get a day of dizzy spells, confusion and lightheadedness. My question is do I really have mild epilepsy or are the attacks of IBS causing the symptoms? I would be really interested to know if anyone else has the same as me.

Learning how to cope

Also, i am not yet putting on weight. Will I ever regain my weight with IBS or just accept I have to go and buy a whole new load of smaller clothes? Discovering this site has been a godsend to me and I thank everyone for their stories and experiences. I feel more confident I can cope with this new change in my life. I was terribly despondent about it all at first as I have never ever been ill or had surgery in my life before!

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