What is wrong with my guts?!

November 2019 I was diagnosed with somatic symptom disorder with anxiety. I was prescribed Buspar. I hated being on that medication. While I was on that medication I noticed I was constipated all the time. Small pebble stools and mucus, it was gross. When I took myself off Buspar I was still constipated all the time. One night at work I noticed I was bloating, I had burning sensations on my left and right sides as well as under my belly button. It was so painful that I had to leave work early and get to the ER. When I got to the ER they gave me a lidocaine type medication that ultimately made me pass a lot of gas and the pain was gone.

Suspecting IBS-C

Later I noticed the insane sounds coming from my insides. I started taking laxatives on a regular basis just to have a decent bowl movement. I was recently prescribed Trulance which helped a lot, but it's way too expensive to take long term. I'm currently seeing a GI doctor. I haven't located my triggers yet, I don't eat red meat and I try to avoid fried food. My primary doctor suspects that I have IBS-C. I'm not losing weight, but gaining it.

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