Magic Mint Oil


I am 61 year old male and have suffered for quite a few years now.

About 6 years ago, my IBS became unbearable after an acrimonious end to my marriage. Little help from my GP and only by persistently pushing the fact the nasty bouts also coincided with bladder infection??

Peppermint oil recommended

A few years passed and after a bad attack just after Christmas, (4 days after a fruitless trip to my GP hoping to get the needed antibiotics.) I ended up falling unconsciously into a chair. On waking, I was delirious, freezing cold, sodden with sweat and shaking uncontrollably. After coming to my senses, I managed to phone for some help ending in a trip to A & E. The suspected diagnosis was diverticulitis which was later confirmed by colonoscopy!

On my initial visit to see the consultant, he asked how I treated my IBS and told him what I took prescribed by my GP. He said “does it work” I replied “not as well as it did when I first took it”. He then told me one of the few things that do actually work is peppermint oil in capsule. These can be purchased as a preparation for IBS but are a little pricy so I went to a health store and bought a jar of 200 peppermint oil capsules for the same price as 20.

Favorable results

The first one I took I thought was a big mistake as it seemed my gut had released enough methane to power half of London! I decided this was probably not a good idea so didn’t take any for a couple of weeks when I had another attack of the well known pains, cramps and bloating. I pensively reached for the jar once more with some very favorable results. I started to take one first thing every morning after a pint of water until the pains and bloating subsided and have done regularly when needed. Since I have been taking this, I have found my gut is less painful, less likely to have attacks and my bowel is more regular and consistent. I can honestly say, peppermint oil has changed my life!

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